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Oddities- Images keep popping in my head and I have to keep drawing them. I have an extensive notebook full of sketches.
People tell me that these ideas are strange coming from a very quiet person. For years, I have been doing this to vent. It is so
nice to have a way to express what I feel, even though I can communicate it verbally. I have many things that I am frustrated about.
Work is sometimes very difficult, mainly if I am not able to be as creative as I want to be. For right now, since I am doing these paintings from my heart and my head, this is a great escape. I hope you enjoy these paintings as much I did making them.



Human Nature- In this series, I relate the human spirit to nature, as one. I was always fascinated by nature: How dewdrops seem to magnify the viens of a leaf. What makes the wind blow. (My daughter asked me that, no clue how to answer it.) How do birds fly. Why are most plants green. I, sometimes, watch ants as they make there way across the cement. I stare at the moon and its many shades of grey. How do we see this when it is so far away. How it looks like it lights the sky when it is only reflecting the sun. I love watching racoons as they walk with their familes at night. This is my way of showing that all human being share a bond with nature.




Entities: "Between Eden"- I am working on 2 larger paintings for Hale Art Space in a 2 man show in November. This image is work in progress. I will be showing this work in stages. This is about 2 weeks of work.

The floral wreath has a snake coil and Adam and Eve flank each side of the wreath. Adam is trapped by the snake while Eve is more enticed by it.

The next stage will be the Budda astronaut, who is a representation of God, in the center.

The bottom 3 rows of "Carnie Folks" and "Vintage Sports Figures" will be in this show.



I worked on the flower astronaut, which was very difficult. I was painting it realistic, but I felt it need more excitement, so the astronaut was painted with many different values of grey.

I had trouble with the flowers. my original sketch had to be redone before I would be able to get the look that I wanted. I wanted the flowers to be a focal point so I painted them yellow.

  Painting hell was a lot of work but in the most part went smoothly. I wasn't sure if using some humor in it would ruin the feeling, but my wife liked it so I left it in.  
  Painting the beige I felt started to make the painting to busy with the astronaut in the center getting lost. Need to remedy problem.  


All the characters in are, now, in the painting and started adding the clouds.
Then made the astronaut background white. I felt that this separated the God astronaut more, but still needed work.


Here, I am masking off the characters because the characters around the border need some separation from the center image. I felt that hell needed some type of background. This would also help to frame the astronaut god, while echoing the square canvas.  
  Finally finished "Between Eden" painting. I will start working on the next 40x40" painting for the Hale Art Space show in November (named: "Noah and the Rise of Man")  
  "Noah and the Rise of Man"- Just put in 4 days working on this painting. It seems like these paintings are biblical/ political themed. Next week, I will take a couple of days off to work on this painting. Hopefully, I can finish it for the show.  
  "Noah and the Rise of Man" is starting to come together. Finished the Uncle Sam of the future image and the red Cadillac sticking out of the dirt. The Cadillac was a little hard to work on because it was turning out boxy when I used a ruler to make the lines straight. Sometime you have to go back to original sketch to get the right look.  
  I spent a day working on the face of Noah and his animal. I just finished evolution of man, which took me about a day too.  


Nearing the end of this painting and it can't come too soon. I have a burniing sensation on the back of my neck and left hand. My whole left arm is numb and I have terrible pain going to different parts of my arm. The doctor couldn't find anything but he thinks it is a pinched nerve. Still needs work on the painting but I can't do anything more tonight. I haven't been sleeping much because of the pain. For the first time I fell asleep in my car sitting up. This has been going on for a month. I hope it ends soon.  
  I think I am almost done on this illustration. I will probably put more ivy on the hand to make it look like an old ruin. Other than that it is finished.  
  Just finished "Noah and the Rise of Man" for Hale Art Space November Show in Santa Monica. Added more ivy and reworked the lower background. Now, I just have to get it professionally photographed.  
"Trials of Moses"- This is a painting that I will be making for a future show.
It is another religious painting that I have been working on in my head for the past 3 weeks. I am still playing with the ideas.

This is my version of the 'Ten Commandments. In this painting I want to make a Moses entrances by a glowing orb in his palms and the Israelites, just free of slavery, are worried of their future and how are they going to survive the long trek across to the dessert looking for their new home.

Here is the final sketch for the next 40x40" painting. As the chains are broken from bondage, the angels are looking to help Moses and his companions, while demons look to control the Moses's followers.  

Vintage Boxing Figures- I have this need to paint better and explore my style of painting. These are studies in the human form and an exploration of painting textures.