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Oddities is a spiritual adventure of yin and yang.
The many paths that you can take and the people
you meet on that search for happiness.

Look in the mirror, you are different. It is time to celebrate the differences we have as individual. We are like a pizza with everything on it. Individually, we are unique, but together we are simply amazing. My work is a celebration of differences. Being proud of ourselves; Being proud of our surroundings and knowing that we are an individual with unique experiences, different than anyone else. We are in control of our own path. Time to be happy with your own world. You are the one who shapes it.

I have found that nothing is perfect, everything has flaws, including art. I realize the mistakes can have a more important value than the successes. Nothing can be perfect, though I strive for success, I have learned to love my failures and try to keep them in my art. Flaws give everything character. Flaws give people character..